September 11, 2018


In the previous article, we looked at the first Five (5) necessary features on a business website. In this concluding part, we will be highlighting the remaining Five (5) components.
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Bear in mind that it is the collective implementation of all these factors that makes the website solid. Read on below:

Call to action.

Don’t only tell your online visitors what you will do for them or what to expect from you, be sure to also tell them what you expect from them, or what they should do for you too. This is a sure-fire means to improving their experience of your website due to their practical involvement and activity (engagement) on the site. However, you need to make this very clear and visible with a subtle tone of command .e.g. ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe Now’ .etc.
Your call to action should be a literal call .i.e. it must be attention-grabbing with special buttons, highlighted text or a brilliant scheme.

Integrate for SEO.

How does one get seen if/when he can’t be found?
It’s just as hard to get found if your website isn’t optimised for search engine visibility. And the juice about this is that you don’t really require a team of gurus to rank well on search engines; a good website coding takes care of that just as well. What this means is that, provided the website is well-coded and the contents; are optimised with search engine keywords, contain links, are properly titled and include pictures and videos (engaging graphics).

Quality content.

As earlier mentioned, your website constitutes a large percentage of the first impression you have on customers and online visitors. Thus, you need to be sure to provide them exactly what they’re in need of, as well as a reason to come back again.
To achieve this as far as content is concerned, you must be sure to provide them well-written, original contents that are valuable.
Having fresh, updated content on your website is a magnet for search engines. Give your website visitors something new to interact with by integrating a regularly-updated blog and/or connecting your social media feeds to the website.

A secure hosting platform.

The internet is crawling with a teeming population of hackers and information scavengers. Falling victim of such individuals is a nightmare for individuals, but can be a lot worse for businesses as this could result in a loss of confidence in the business; and customers  consequentially.
Having a secure and trustworthy website hosting company helps keep your website safe from such cyber-attacks whilst ensuring that your web interface is functional and running smoothly.

User-friendly style and design interface.

The first objective of every online visitor that stumbles on your website is to perform a quick scan through the contents of the site. The result of this scan is what determines whether or not they decide to stay on the website. In Forbes’ words, “web surfers have the attention span of drunken gnats”
This means, if they are unable to find just what they are looking for in that quick scan of your website, they hastily move on to the next alternative site. Therefore, it is pertinent to ensure that the contents on your website pages are formatted with this fact in mind. You can ensure a good user experience by organising the contents for easy scanning and by ensuring simplicity in font type/style as well as colour.


“Design is the silent ambassador of a brand.”- Paul Rand




Four key points to bear in mind when creating content for your website include:

  • Split up texts into short paragraphs with notable headers where necessary.
  • Utilize bullet points appropriately, especially when writing lists.
  • Ensure to highlight words or phrases that you considering important.
  • Space contents adequately; avoid cramming texts or boxing them all up together in one place.

Doing these 10 things is sure to boost your website visits as well as help retain viewership by at least 60%. Intentionality in web design cannot be overemphasized.

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