Oyebanji Tai-Sonubi

Oyebanji is a dedicated Client Support Officer and Product Trainer with diverse range of interests, including music, politics, traveling and watching documentaries. He brings his skill set and commitment in facilitating product training programs and also offer exceptional client support while ensuring a smooth user experience. Oyebanji's passion for music is not just a hobby but an integral part of his life. He has organized and led numerous music concerts, youth conferences connecting with young individuals across West and Central Africa physically and also remotely around the world. His interest in politics drives him to engage in discussions and stay informed about current affairs. watching documentaries enriches Oyebanji's perspective and knowledge, and he actively seek to understand different cultures. In summary, Oyebanji is a multifaceted individual with a professional background in training and client support, combined with a deep passion for music, politics, travel, and humanitarian efforts. He is dedicated to making a positive impact in his professional and personal pursuits, always seeking opportunities for growth and positive contributions to society.