MACI Coding Bootcamp – Raising the future of Tech in Africa

July 13, 2018

Photo Reports From The just Concluded MACI Coding Bootcamp

Smiles everywhere as the selected students arrive the venue with all shades of excitement.
A Cross-Section of the facilitators and student guardians present at the event.

MACI (Mentor an African Child Initiative) is a non-profit organization committed to raising the standard of achievement for kids in low income communities in a bid to complement for unavailable classroom instruction.

This year, June 28th – 30th, MACI hosted the second edition of her three-day summer coding bootcamp tagged: “Digital Equity Training II”. The event was a way of making relevant contributions to the lives of children in low-income communities, thereby bringing them closer to the future.

Students were selected from 10 different schools and were hosted at Saint Anne’s RCM, Okeilewo, Ogun State for the course of the 3-day summer coding bootcamp. Revocube was represented at this event by the CEO, Mr. ‘Lanre Ogunkunle and the COO, Mrs. Funmi Ogunkunle. They also were part of the facilitators of the event, reinstating their commitment to applying technology to solve problems.

More pictures from the event below;

And without ado, the event kicked-off in glamour. Day One of the Summer Coding Bootcamp.
One of the participants executing some program instructions in a HTML table.
Participants putting their newly acquired coding skills to work.
Yaaay! They wrote their first programs and designed a website.
Mr. 'Lanre, the CEO of Revocube Technologies' session was a wonderful experience. A fine blend of work, fun and learning.
Future Tech giants paying rapt, undivided attention to the sessions with facilitators standing by to attend their needs.
And so the event was wrapped up in style as the students, facilitators and guardians took poses on the red carpet. The colour of the carpet? Red!

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