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SchoolRevs is a suite of web applications created by Revocube Technologies for schools. SchoolRevs makes collaboration simple and effective within the entire education system for Administrators, Educators, Parents and Students.



A faster way to collect school bills via card payments, direct bank transfer with mandatory and optional fee options for students.
  • Readily integrated to Schoolcube dashboard and payment processing solutions.
  • E-wallets per student for seamless financial reconciliation.
  • Invoicing and online payment access for students.
  • Payment deadline and outstanding balance reminder.


A simplified online school entrance examination application portal.
  • Processes application to top Schools in Nigeria.
  • Prospective students can complete an application in just 10 minutes while choosing from several venues in Nigeria, the USA and Uk. and contactless enrollment portal.
  • Database and personal information of registered applicants for School Administrators Access to over 30,000 prospective students.


Billscube is designed with your school administrators in mind, so you can track and analyze all your collections in one central location.
Billscube also offers a better payment experience for your students and parents.
  • Secure and fast processing time Split payments to multiple accounts Manage financial plans and targets Request capital loans.
  • Spend less time on bank statements.
  • Get real-time payment notifications, automated invoicing and payment reminders


The Schoolcube platform is a time-saving software solution that helps school management and teachers to manage, analyze and get reports of students and the school, while eliminating the need for large score sheets, record booklets and multiple report cards.

  • Extra features like assignment schedules, e-learning platforms, school curriculum, bulk SMS, etc. Flexible academic grading system for School Administrators.
  • Access to detailed reports, updates notification and events for students.
  • Seamless student information management via profile reports and analysis.


We provide your school with a digital space for creating and managing all learning activities, whether it’s building online live classes, assessing students, enhancing collaboration, or tracking students achievements.

  • Access for teachers to create and deliver content, monitor student participation and assess student performance.
  • Access to an integrated timetable generator, subject scheme and curriculum upload.
  • Other interactive features such as Instant messaging, video conferencing and discussion forums are also available for a richer learning experience.

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